31 March 2009

Cartel Is Here

Finally the stuff has arrived from Greenhouse BMX(US) to Ariff(SST BMX) and to Me(The rider).

Set up my bike last night with some help from Nizam and Shah.
Now what i got to do is just wait for the rite time to ride and test out the new frame. Till then see you when i hit you![LAUGH!!].


My new bike set up.

30 March 2009

Goin to KL again. Anyone?

26 April 2009 KL Malaysia is having a comp(Compete for the fun of it like i always did) and I'm planing to compete in the competition again. I'm looking for friends(BMX riders) to tag along with me for the road trip...

So if any of you are interested to tag along with me just update me on my tag box or just simply call me up ok.

Can i join the Novice cat?[LAUGH!].

28 March 2009

Weekends Plan Is Not For BMX.

Have not been touching my BMX for a week now.

But its all good.I can walk but still limping, but who give a shit about that.

No plans for riding today, just hanging out with my dude's,crashing and finding some stuff to do to burn the weekends.

Received a text from Ariff saying that my new frame will be arriving S'pore Monday evening.

Cant wait to try out my new frame, YEAH!!!

Ok cool! So will be back to update you people with the shit and dicks for any updates.

SORRY no pictures.

Have a good weekends! ENJOI BEEYATCH!!!!!!!!!!

25 March 2009

I Dont't Think So!!!.

Ok i was told by Nina a friend of mine that i look like Teddy Geiger. WTF!!!!

Three things!!!!!!

Firstly, I don't know who the fuck is that dude who wannabe ME is[LAUGH!!].
Secondly, I look like more to Brad Pitt(Seriously!) then Teddy gay me please[LAUGH!]

Thirdly, I don't look fucking gay like Teddy Geiger.

Done deal!
If you lovers out there got anything to say please tag on the tag box. ENJOI!

Home is dope & Teddy is shit!

Oh please!!!!!! I look way cuter.

That's what I'm talking about. The real shit!!!!

24 March 2009

My Mat Rep Bike Is Out.

Its been a long time waiting.

8 months of waiting and its finally out from the shop.

Redo EVERYTHING from body paint job, New engine kit, Cover set paint job(Still not ready) & some other stuff.

The total spend cost is 2600RM = SGD$1200.

Worth spending the money at Malaysia rather then doing it at Singapore(Bad service & to X).

Why TZM?

I don't give a damn if you wanna say that i ride a mat rep's bike or whatsoever because i make my bike look good, Not the other way round like some dude's who used them bikes to show off. Like "MOST" S'porean "POSER BIG TIME" riding on KTM or DRZ showing off like they're the only one in the world who rides a scrambler. So whats the big fuss its all about dude's. What's the point of getting a scrambler if u cant EVEN jump on the dirt with your pretty bike???

What's the deal to get your pipe all so loud yet its just irritating loud noises that your bike makes.

BTW don't be so proud having a DRZ ok, Your so useless having it, And i feel sad for you guys because u only used it to woooo girls, Well i can woooo girls with my TZM(mat rep's bike) and my BMX(BIG TIME!) and even better than all you wannabes.

Ok that's all for today. Have a good day and ENJOI the cold raining weekdays.

Do come back to check me out.

ps. Forever Two Wheels! ROCK ON!!!!!

Yeah! Thats the new make over bike, But body set is not mine. Still waiting for my body set to be done.

23 March 2009

Welcome To The Family Bastard

Ok this update have nothing to do with BMX or Me.

This is something new.

I have 3 pet hamster, Yeah hamsters that i've been having for 3 or 4 months now.

Three hamsters and i bet you wanna know whats their gender is. Right?

First i bought 2 male and yes they are GAY-ING. Yes the bigger one is sodomizing the smaller one and its seems like the smaller one is being forced to do it[LAUGH!!!!!] FUCKED! fucking funny...!!!

So after a month i got a female hamster for them to enjoi the rite way of real sex.

and yes yes yes free threesome was done, One after another.

Then after a few months i notice they are fighting a lot, Its like no one can come near the female hamster, So i put the female away from the rest.

And then when i got home this morning to check on them, i saw something red on the female hamster wood flakes.I push the hamster away to take a closer look on the red stuff and i saw the two new bastard.

And there you go two new hamster! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY BASTARD[LAUGH! & LAUGH & LAUGH! AGAIN!].

I was told by my Mom not to touch the new breed unless i want them to get eaten up by their mom. Soooo SHOULD I TOUCH THEM?[LAUGH!!!!!]

I need to find them a new home to stay.

Food! Anyone love eating hamster?

22 March 2009

To My Lovely Suicide Rider HOME.








Pain is love & Love is pain.

Can someone get me this SGD$600 knee brace from Fox Racing Inc(http://www.foxhead.com)[LAUGH!].

ps. THANKS for being there for me lovely, You never fail to make me smile.

21 March 2009

OUT! For A Week Or Two.

It happen again, My knee give way.

My first torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) was in 2003 and had a surgery once in 2004 to get the shit fix, But torn it again in 2005. After years of riding without my Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) i finally get it fix again in August 2008.

I went for the surgery(The pain after the surgery was unbearable till i had a fight with the stuff nurses because i was demanding for pain killers[LAUGH!] i love it!!) to reconstruct my ACL using a soft tissue tendon from my knee(It takes me 2 days to walk and 2 months to start riding and that's a super FAST recovery). But guess what happened? FUCKED UP!!! i torn it after the 4th month of the surgery. A simple trick that didn't go well and i put my right leg out on the ground and there goes the $6000++ operation. Thank god I'm holding a "green ID" card so everything is paid for[LAUGH!]. But still i need those fucking ligament to keep my leg stronger.

Now I'm wearing a knee brace(Mc David level 3) but it seem there's not much difference at it. My knee still give way if i land my right leg sideways. When your knee give way that pain that I'm feeling is the same as u dislocate your hand or whatever, Trust me the pain is hell even i cant handle it[LAUGH!!].

So for now I'll just stay home and work on some designs for "Fakie" and be on MSN 24/7[LAUGH!].

Till I'm good to go I'll see u bitch BMX riders soon ok. Don't miss me much, Love u gays too[LAUGH!].

Hahahaha..... I cant walk but forcing too.

19 March 2009

"Fakie" Finalizing Stuff.

Meet up with the "Fakie" Dude's for the finalizing of the T-shirts, Stickers & Buttons(Badge). The T-shirts will set to be out in April but yet to be confirm on which date. "Fakie" is having a new Website/Blog make over and it's still undergoing some Nip and Tuck before we can launch it like a torpedo[LAUGH!!].

In the mean while enjoi those pictures taken that day.

The BIG FUCK people.

HOME as always[LAUGH!!!].

Nazeer. Hey you want a slap on the butt?

Taufek. Punch it bitch!!!

Helmi. Fantastic 4.

Don't worry you're not losing out. We gonna have a second set of NEW design stickers and buttons(Badge) out soon. Will update you guys when its out.

Free buttons(badge) but its sold out for now. More buttons(Badge) out soon.



Fakie Team riders.

Wan Kecik. Speak of the devil.

Nizam. Shut up FAKER'S!!!

18 March 2009

"Another Perspective In Life"

People always ask us why we do what we do. They wonder why we find so fascinating something as simple as riding. We try to explain but no matter how many times they just don't seems to understand. You see there's more to riding then just the thrill that gives you, Is all the places you go, the people you meet and the things that you see that makes it so special. It really open your eyes and let you see things that most people tend to overlook. The next thing you know your bike changing your prospective in the way you look at life. Is amazing how many friends you'll make and people that you'll meet in different parts of the world. All because you shared the same common bonds since you were a child. But unfortunately BMX has its downfall. Crashing and injury's in the fact that society doesn't accepted often to tears people from wanting to participate. But once you had experiences and become addicted in the rush and the thrill's that riding gives you, There's no rules or guidelines in the world that will stop you from doing it.

BMX started as a hobby and slowly grow and had become a lifestyle for me. Riding BMX makes a big different in my life and change me for who I'm as a person today. I do what i love doing and BMX has always been apart of my life.

That's the reason why we BMX riders love our bike so much[LAUGH!!].

Enjoi some of the BMX Friends pictures I've posted.

That's Dave Mirra, The world best BMX rider ever.
Jay Mirron.
I dont remember his name. SORRY!
Last Fall Clothing(S'PORE) 2006 to 2008 R.I.P.
Singapore & Malaysia BMX riders as ONE.
Mud bath.
East Side people. SunSetrails Crew 2007.
BBQ 2008.
SunWay Lagoon(KL). 7AM.
Khairi, Nizam, & Me.
Black Sondol 2007.
Me, Bam Bam, & Farhan Curly B.
Ariff chicken air[LAUGH!!!].
A vary old picture. Year 2003
My No-Hander back then.

17 March 2009

The dude with a simple style

The guy who bring Singapore BMX scene to another level.
OK thats all about Adrian! Whahahahaa....
BYE BYE!!! Do come again to my BLOG DIGGER and check me out soon!!!!
Me, Farhan aka Curly B, Nizam, Ariff, Danny Boy, & Adrian @ the field of Putrajaya.
Adrian all time favorite trick, 180 50/50 grind.

Adrian took in 2nd place & i came in 1st. We did Singapore proud[LAUGH!!].

Danny Boy, Curly B, Adrian, & Me.

His sick as fuck!!!!! 180 50/50 @ Clarke Quay golden Rail.

Adrian sick UP RAIL. My all time favorite. How sick is that.

Part Two Of The Night I Torn My Jeans

Nothing much to say just watch some videos taken on that night.

Video shoot by Shah & Bob.

Just need to check out the speed.

Deep down rail. Just the way i like it[LAUGH!].

Clean king rail pull off from the top view. Shoot by Bob.

Ismail, Nizam, & Me on the rail.

The voices u gonna hear is from Bob. SHUT THE HELL UP IF YOUR SHOOTING NEXT TIME[LAUGH!!!] **Kidding Bob.

Sorry i took so long to upload this video because i just got it from Shah & Bob.

14 March 2009

Pimp my ride!!!

As you people know or do not know im currently riding for Verde bikes and Pack with Demolition parts sponsor by SST BMX(http://sunsetrails.com/). And now im having a serious problem with my frame. My integrated headset is giving way and im having a problem riding. For the past few days riding has been really sucks for
me as i keep on falling when trying to do tricks. It just pisses me off each time I cant pull off the tricks. BITCH! Please pimp my bike, Ariff[LAUGH!!]. I so need a new frame.

I need a replacement ASAP before my frame break into two.

"Verde" The Cartel Series frame. Should i get it in Aqua or black in colour
•Chain stay length: 13.75”

• Head tube angle: 75º

• Seat tube angle: 71º

• Bottom bracket height: 11.8”

• Weight: 4.9 lbs. (20.5” version)

"MOST" riders in SG owns a black bike and im thinking of doin the odd by using a different colour this time round, that is Aqua.

And i asked Ariff to throw in the headset together with the frame since i need the headset urgently and i dont wish make the same mistake that i've did before with my old frame.
Fucking cool headset.
(Quick Overview of te headset)
• CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum

• Single piece, split cap design

• Integrated sealed bearings

• Includes fork race

• Weight: 2.3 oz.

Ariff make a deal wit me, after the shipment of the Frame and headset then he will order another shipment which is the Verde Cartel handle bar and fork but that i dont mind waiting, Just get me the frame BITCH[LAUGH!!!].
(Quick Overview of the bar)
• 100% heat treated chromoly

• 8.25” rise

• 27” width

• 10º back sweep

• 4º up sweep

• Weight: 27 oz.

(Quick Overview of the fork)
• 100% heat treated chromoly

• One-piece machined steerer tube

• Integrated lower bearing race

• Triple butted and tapered legs

• Includes 7075 preload bolt

• Weight: 32 oz.

If you people are clueless about BMX and stuff, Well its time to learn something new or find a BF who ride's bmx[LAUGH!!!].


This time when I get my new frame,I'll get someone expert like Nizam to set up my bike.