11 May 2010

3 Years Promise To Fly Kite.

3 years ago I promised to take her to fly kite but i think i broke that promise the whole 3 years without knowing it.

But her day came true and i made a promise to her again to take her kite flying, So yeah we did it and we did it again the following weekend. Its fun to fly kite and it feels like your taking a step forward in life trying to put yourself high and not let yourself down with stresses, pain and shit like that.

Life is never easy and never to hard. We all bleed and cry. No one is different and no one is the same. The imperfection make each of us perfect in and out.

Weakness will make us stronger. Love will make us happier. Money will never solve the problem. Guns and violence will start a war. Family is what we really need and friends is what we gotta have and you is all i ever wanted. Stay strong and enjoi this moment of your life with no regrets.

Stay real, Stay gold, Let Rock & Roll!

@ ZOUK with Steve Aoki and my party bro's

We had a little to much at Zion.Beers,lots of it and liqueur to jumpe start our TGIF.

We gone out of hands, crazy and laugh so much.

It was a crazy nite that day.

My "Day In Life" Still In The Making

Sorry guys & ladies it took me awhile to finally get back to blogging, Kinda busy i guess for doin nothing(LAUGH!).

Let's start from a phone call from Ariff from SSTbmx. He called me up and told me all about his new camera DSLR/Fully HD video cam. So he came up with an idea to shoot me for a video about my "day in life". I've always wanted someone to shoot my clips since i have been shooting for the Fakie riders all this time. Now the spot light will be on me(LAUGH!).

The day after that chat with Ariff we start to shoot my first clips at my house in my room when Im still half awake(time check 9AM).

By 11am we're done with the indoor shoot and head out to shoot some streets style(Always my favorite place to ride). So we head down to Tampines central and start shooting. I start off with the handrails without any warm up and shit like that. I think i was killing it and we're done after a few shots and head over to Simei since they have the sickest and crazy ass handrails.

Second spot on the handrail i was busting my ass, trying and trying and trying to hit the rail with a Toothpick handover. Two hours of trying to land that trick seems like a hell for me. I kept fall hard on the ground hurting my hand, legs and my left shin. At that point of time i felt something bloated on my left shin so i check it out and i saw this big ball on my shin.I just know it i cracked my shin and the shoot was cut short. But not worries im good to go and will be shooting this Friday. So stay tune and keep in touch.

Do check out my teaser --> http://www.vimeo.com/11590382

Its on sstbmx.com website
3 hours later after the fall.
8 Hours after that.