27 October 2010

Winners of Locate the METTLE Games Crew

Congrats to all these people who manage
to locate the crew from the Mettle Games.

Hope all of you enjoy the prizes.
But those who got the x-mini are lucky!
It is so damn good!


*here are some of the pictures.find more from Mettle Games Facebook.

16 September 2010

hello kitty.

Just like the house theme,my cats are also black & white.
Now meet my two kittens.

His name is "KUMAR".
A stray cat with really thick fur.noisy & blacky.

This is "Tattoo",she's a ragdoll.
The name was given by my sister,
go ask her why if you guys are curious.


BLACK & WHITE is the theme for my house this Hari Raya.
Now you guys can come & visit me this Raya.
I'll served you some kuih & drinks BUT don't expect me to give any green packets.

Check out the pictures.

spot 'FAKIE' sign & i'll give a kiss.

Wall of Fame.be nice to me & your
picture might be up there too.

The house now look cleaner & neater thanks to me!

25 August 2010

Katy Perry.
One of the hottest chic around
& im definitely loving her style.

^its been a really really long time my friend.

23 August 2010

Each year during fasting month, I will only hunt for one thing
at the bazaar Ramadan.

from Dendeng House!!

They got the nicest & juciest dendeng that you can ever find.
I've been eating that every weekend.
and I think I need more before the fasting month ends.

19 August 2010


here are some cool facts about my name that describe me.

1)very sociable & interesting but is a loner at heart.he's a MR-KNOW-IT-ALL
or at least like to think he is.can make you laugh but easily irritate you.
he's like the little boy in grade school who likes to pull hair.

Sufian enjoys irking people!

2)crazy ass person that will bite you.

ouch,he's bitten me!

13 August 2010

My short video edit by Ariff.

Just several video of me that was edited & film by Ariff.

Credits to him for his good work.Good job bro!

As I am ageing,I decide that I will do more video for memory sake
& hope all you people out there enjoy watching it.CHEERS!

30 July 2010

NYC Championship 2010 @ Somerset

NYC championship 2010 was great.

Smile on air.
Checking out some runs. Photo by Radical Studio.
Wan Small, Shamil Marley, Su Niq, Bolo Apit, Epul, & HOME.

She Wants The Safety When Im Riding.

My new riding helmet.

Im the type of rider who wouldnt even care about wearing helmet when i ride.

Years of riding i've fallen countless times and mostly i'll be landing flat face first when im doin big tricks. But since im getting older and aging, i guess safety is the first shit im goin to put on. Helmet gonna be my new bestfriend when riding in the skate parks.

Thanks love for caring for my safety when i dont need it[LAUGH!].

Pro Tec Bucky Lasek pro model(sky blue).

Got ink?

Hello fuck people & blog readers.
Check out the ink I have got on myself.
I'm definitely hook to this shit
the pain is not bearable even for a tough guy like me.
But still that won't stop me from getting more soon!
Passion for wheels & HOME are the lastest ones.

Ink and art sponsor by Ink by finch(http://www.joefinch.blogspot.com/). A total sick place to get your in done. 10/10 recommended by ME.

"HOME". Ink by Faz.
"Passion for wheels". Ink by Joe Finch.
Revolver. Ink by Rosman.

11 May 2010

3 Years Promise To Fly Kite.

3 years ago I promised to take her to fly kite but i think i broke that promise the whole 3 years without knowing it.

But her day came true and i made a promise to her again to take her kite flying, So yeah we did it and we did it again the following weekend. Its fun to fly kite and it feels like your taking a step forward in life trying to put yourself high and not let yourself down with stresses, pain and shit like that.

Life is never easy and never to hard. We all bleed and cry. No one is different and no one is the same. The imperfection make each of us perfect in and out.

Weakness will make us stronger. Love will make us happier. Money will never solve the problem. Guns and violence will start a war. Family is what we really need and friends is what we gotta have and you is all i ever wanted. Stay strong and enjoi this moment of your life with no regrets.

Stay real, Stay gold, Let Rock & Roll!

@ ZOUK with Steve Aoki and my party bro's

We had a little to much at Zion.Beers,lots of it and liqueur to jumpe start our TGIF.

We gone out of hands, crazy and laugh so much.

It was a crazy nite that day.