30 July 2009


My clone
Sweet picture.

I caught this dude who's trying to be me[Laugh].

If u people dont know who is this dude here is,let me introduce him to you.
His name is Jay one of the actor from "The Hill",
a nice,cool,dramatic and romantic reality show on MTV.
Go and catch it one of this days.
I'm sure you will enjoy the show especially the girls.
i'm no more teddy geiger now.[LAUGH!!]

21 July 2009

Fakie Krew Bitches!!!

Like Family, Close friends, Team mate, Bro's, BFF, Girlfriend, & Gay partners.

This this is what Fakie is made of.

A passion with what we love doing most.

Xtreme and pushing ourselves to the limits.

Falling hard on the ground and breaking bones,

Learning new stuff and doing things that most normal people tend to over look.

From hobby to passion and now a lifestyle.

Im proud to give you


Interested? Let me noe[LAUGH!!].

18 July 2009

Bring Your Own Fucking Beers Bro!

The sponsors for this year BYOB. Yeah is a hand full sponsors. Well done guys.

And everyone is invited to this comp. So hope we can see you there.

Date: 25th July 2009

Time: 10AM till late.

Place: Bedok sk8 park near Bedok Library.

Check out my team "There's No "I" In Team" for that day. Well we just ride for the comp for the fun of it no fuss about it bro, Ride and have fun. Winning is not a big deal.

Yes Fakie are giving their Tee's too.
The BYOB poster.
The SK8 park layout Pretty sick i guess..

16 July 2009

Im Addicted To ECP SK8 Park.

I've been there like almost everyday. Riding for hours and hours and hours like a nonstop hits[LAUGH!].

Tired? Hell Yeah!

But who cares, I love doin what im doin, So shut your butthole up![LAUGH!]

And i'm not the only dude who's having this kinda mental disorder of going there to ride/sk8 almost everyday.

Let me name a few for you.

Me, Lan(SK8), Nazeer(SK8), Jufri(BLADE), Juraimi(SK8), Luke(BMX), Nizam(BMX), Mamat(BMX), Farhan(BMX), Igat(BLADE), etc. and many many more riders.

I think its becoming a new favorite riding spot and hang out place for us Xtreme dude's.

Let's just say its great to have 3 different sports in 1 community and as 1 family in 1 same lifestyle/hobby.

We meet new friends, old friends, old lovers, old haters, new retards, old retards, young and old fuckers.

And i found a new fresh lover by the name of Jufri and his a cute Blader. Im gonna eat you Juf.[LAUGH! & LAUGH!]

ps. im not GAY GAY yeah!. Im just GAY HAPPY!

Till then!!!!!!!

See you @ ECP BITCHES!!!!

13 July 2009

My team for this year Bring Your Own Beer.

My team for the BYOB.

Team name: There Is No "I" In Team.

So here's the lineup for the team.

HOME the suicide rider.

Niko the Cip ciippp man[LAUGH!].

Shah the Terrible 1.

Ismail the Macam PAHAM boy.


Kae as Kaiko.

ps. to Nizam, MY TEAM IS GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT!!! hahahaaa....


POSTER on sale.

A good day to do shooting.

Its a good day to do some shooting for "Fakie" team riders.

So we call up our photographer KhaiFad to do some shot since his good @ it and he have the FISHEYE.

So i was the back up photographer since i have nothing, So why not shoot some shit to kill my time.

Dydy 3Flip down.
Dydy FS 180.
Nazeer again.

All those pictures u see is shoot by your Dude himself. THANK YOU!!![LAUGH!]

In The News Paper

It was a last min thing.
I've receive a text from Ariff telling me to be the ECP SK8 park @ 10AM in the fucking morning because channel 5 wanna do some shooting with the riders riding the new $6.7 million SK8 park.

WTF bro! 10AM and its freaking HOT! & I really cant wake up that early. But well i did after a few miss called from Ariff himself.

And there i was @ the SK8 in the morning.

So they start shooting US and taking pictures of US riding.

And something that pisses me off is that a photographer was asking me to do the tricks over and over again because he cant catch the shoot. WTF man! you're not qualified to shoot for Xtreme sport.[LAUGH!!!]

After the the fucking morning shoot i went home @ 3PM since i need to send Nazeer back home because he got to fucking work.

that's lame Bro!

ps. Jufri u still own Me & Nazeer a fucking meal.

We already have a deal and dont let me fuck your butthole[LAUGH!!].

Ariff & Me in the Bowl.



09 July 2009

Everything To Die For.

Friends is everything.

Friends is the person who makes you who you are today.

Friends let you do shit that you though you can never do.

True friends never let you down.

True friends never turn their backs on you when u needed help.

BFF is a LIE!

Long life friends is great to have.

Friends will never stop loving you for who you are or what the fuck happened in your past.

Enemy you had will be your true friends in the future.

Friends who stab you from the back will never be your friend, They should be shot to death!


Family is the






Loving the thing that you have.

Just Be Thankful That We Have Family that will always love US for the good or bad.

Friends will give you hope and fate in your up or down.


Enemy will keep US on our feet with the hates that they give.

Life is not easy and life is full of shit!
Just take it easy and have fun with it ![LAUGH!].

Words of wisdom from Me Myself and "HOME".

My 22nd surprise bday. 1st time in 22 years.
My dude's

ill fight for them.

Hari Raya 2007.
Aidil, Ogy, Rahman, Papey, & Japar.
Beautiful ladies. DRUNK! hahahaa...
NYE 2008 private party.
Can we be like this again... Miss being like this.

My Lovely Mom.

ps. I've always love you Mama. Thanks for being there for me and helping me for the shit i've did hahaaa...

My elder sister. Sharifah Nur Huda Hood.My younger bro. Syed Hubab Hood.



Syed "HOME" Sufian Hood.

Well done as always![LAUGH!!!!!].

06 July 2009

Last Min To KL With The SK8 Dude's From Bluff Clothing.

A super last min plan. We plan this so less then 5 hrs before heading up to KL to meet Nazeer, Bolo and the Bluff clothing dude's.
We were lucky enough to get bus tickets for that day and we were upgraded!

Day 1 at KL -
Starts with breakfast @ Starbuck. A little shopping,foot massage and then off to the skate park @ Mount Kiara. Met the other like Nazeer,Bolo & more there to ride. And also we bump into Din Katak & the Yishun riders there. After hours of riding, we headed straight back to the terrace to clean up and the head the town for some more shopping and have our very very late dinner. Since it was a Saturday night, we decide to party at some Thailand club along Jln p.Ramlee stretch of road. After party,we actually lose our way otw back home.It took us 3hours to reach home and we had to pay for 5 freaking tolls entrance there. At last we got home at nearly 630am.

Day 2 at KL -

After a tired night filled with lots of fun and laughter, we all only manage to wake up around afternoon. Bath,pack our stuff then off we go to Sungai Wang for the last minutes shopping to finish up all our Malaysia ringgit.

Well,that's the end of my KL trip.

At last, I'm back in SINGAPORE.

And there will definitely be more trips for me in the future.

On top with Din Katak.
My first time having a foot spa. My feet feels soo light[LAUGH!!].
Still busy on the trip.
In the cab to the SK8 park in KL.
The man Ju, Lan, & Amad.
Nazeer the gas boy.
Batam, Bolo, & Ju.
Me & Babe.
Bus ride!! dead!!
Nazeer on the rail. Looking cool BS smith.
Nazeer. FS board slide butt.
Ju. Long nose slide down.
Bolo. BS Smith.
Mystery & Me.
That's Din Katak. He drive all the way here to ride with me[LAUGH!!].

Finding our way around the Mega Mall.

At the park.


Amad, Lan, Bolo, & Ju.

Batam rock all nite.

Nazeer ready to drop in.

KL Starbucks in the morning.

She's viewing my Lovely at the back!

Sheila & Hana.
Fakie & Bluff Clothing(Bolo acting cute like a little boy).