28 April 2009

Verde Cartel Series.


OK.I know I'm too sexy for any of you to handle.[LAUGH BITCH!!]

I'm back riding again after 3 weeks of recovery due to my knee injury.
Well here is my Verde Cartel bike check.

look at her.isn't she sizzling hot!!!

FAKIE @ homeclub

Look,who's wearing Fakie tshirt?

We got the DJ from Home Club to support us at their show.
Everyone let loose and go crazy enjoying themselves to the DNB music. But I gone a little too far with CHIVAS.[LAUGH!!!]

dead & gone

I'll see you people in heaven!

26 April 2009


A ride to the East Coast Skate Park in the morning.
In the evening,to the trails.

23 April 2009


Fakie First Promo T-shirt Available Now!

After month of hard work planning and waiting.

Here's the outcome, PERFECT! Just as what we wanted.

Shipment has arrived.

Two colours to choose from.


And Gray Gay[LAUGH!!!].

Available in size XS, S, M, L.

For any info contact me @ 84448314.

We selling at promotional price of SGD$35 include stickers & buttons.


22 April 2009

The Official FAKIE Website.

Fakie official website is done people!


Our first T-shirts are OUT and is on sale now.

For more info, Do check our Fakie official site.

17 April 2009

Fun/Prank @ Work

We not only work hard but we play hard too!

Its always fun to be at work with my work mates. We laugh, Fight, Joke around, Eat lots of free food and even sleep while at work.[LAUGH!]

Here are some video capture.

This is what happen at work while im asleep. Check it out!

Ok i was in Lala land.

Dont FUCK with me next time bitch![LAUGH!!!].

14 April 2009



Sorry if I have been away & not updating my blog regularly now.

Cause as you know,
I'm a busy working man now.[LAUGH]
I don't even have enough time to rest at times,
working almost everyday of the week.
my computer crashed
so I'll be away from the cyber world for the time being.

I'm also out from riding for now
because my knee still hurt.
But I'm sure I will be back
to ride with the other BMX rider soon.

06 April 2009

Getting Big as Fuck!

It seems that time fly pass very fast.
The two little bastard are already 3weeks old.

They have grown from hairless to a hairy hamster. Since they are already able to walk and eat by themselves, I put them together with their parent.

While the little ones are growing, One of the big male hamster has die.

It was sick(i guess) for several days and then it die.

Here are my two bastards.

Look how tiny it is compare to my hand.

The dead one.He was actually being eaten by the other male hamster. Poor thing![LAUGH!!]

05 April 2009

Luge is For Racing[LAUGH!!]

A fun filled Saturday with lots of activities..

Went to Sentosa & obviously my purpose there was to race Papey n the others down the luge.

Hell yeah! It was lots of fun. The last time i play it was almost a year back.

So this time we took the package which cost us $20 for 3 rides(1 ride = 1 luge + 1 skyride).

Its definitely a money saver right?

And 3 rides for the day, Confirm PUAS HATI LA!!

I got video for u people to see..

How i overtake Papey and race down the track like i own it!

HELL YEAH! I'm a speed demon.

The weather was nice to us yesterday. It only started to rain after we completed all the 3 rides.

We're just lucky maybe.

**I also manage to get my all time favourite, CADBURY FREDDO Dairy milk chocolate @ candy empire.

After the Sentosa action, We meet up with the rest of the dude's and headed down Pasir Ris downtown east to have our bowling session. I was almost leading until Nano catch up with me towards the end. Dammit![LAUGH!]

It was a enjoyable Saturday spent without my Baby(BMX).

Enjoi the hell ride video shoot by ME.

***Pictures will be uploaded soon. SORRY!

03 April 2009


Photo by Jap.

Yes no updates!


Not riding for 2 weeks!

No news!

No story!

Lame as fuck!

Boring as shit!

Bored as dead!

Still waiting anxiously for the rite time to ride my new bitch.

Till then

ENJOI the weekends!