30 September 2009

Zee Avi. DAMN!!!!!

When i heard her voice on the radio i cant believe that she was from Malaysia.

You can't tell that she was from there, Her voice was fucking cute!!!

Seriously i never heard a voice as cute as hers.

And now I'm like drooling over her songs, Sounds gay i know but WTF bro! She deserved credit for having a great voice.

Zee if your coming over to SG for shows do call me up ok. We can have coffee together[LAUGH! & LAUGH!].

Just trying my luck bro.

Have fun with the video.

ps. Make yourself free and come on down ECP SK8 Park on the 4Th OCT 09 and support ME!!!!!![LAUGH!]

Zee Avi ROCKS on cute balls!

26 September 2009

Brunch By The Park BMX Best Trick Contest

30 riders but only 1 spot for the winner.

Best tricks contest.

Pop all your best tricks
on the Euro gap or Rails section and winner takes all.



Fuck it bro, Let's just have a great time there, winning is not a big deal[LAUGH!!].

THANKS to SSTbmx for this event.

ECP SK8 park. See details for more info.

16 September 2009

IOXC 2009

Yes it has been the talk of the town, all Xtreme riders and rollers have been talking about this shit.

The Indonesia Open X-Sports Championship 2009.

I got a call from my Bro Nazeer asking me if I'm going to Indon for the comp since hotel have been confirmed. I just need to pay for the flight that cost 30bucks! Yes 30BUCKS only![LAUGH!!!].

But i got shit holding me back, My passport!

I need to get a replacement ASAP![LAUGH!!!].

Then I'm off to Indon on the 15 to 18 OCT 09.

I'm heading there with a few of my favorite friends like Ariff, Bam Bam, Curly B, My "Partner In Crime"(Nazeer) and Many more.

We gonna have one hell of a fun time and gonna kick some asses.

And wish US luck.

SSTbmx 20 10 Photo Shoot

Sunday morning, meet up with the SST Krew and as usual they're late as always.

So the Krew meet up and start changing to some business man smart ass attire for the shoot(All planned up by Ariff ,SST boss himself).

As the Krew changing their clothes, Me & Ariff went scooping in
the woods for the best background for the shoot.

Later we move over to the spot where we gonna have our shoot and waited for KhaiFad(Fakie Photographer) to finish setting up the flash and etc.

And once all were ready to do the shoot,its started to rain. So we gotta unpack and take cover nearby.

Hours pass by and the rain finally stop.We went back to the placed where we last came from.

Hot, Sweaty,full of Fun, Laughter, Tired, but its all paid off.

The pictures turned out pretty sick as fuck.

The Krew is please with the shoot.

So on behalf from SSTbmx and Krew i would like to thank the man KhaiFad for the shoot and love. Lu Jiwa gua bro!!![LAUGH!!!].

ps. Few pictures uploaded because is totally exclusive for 20 10 SSTbmx website. SORRY bro!

SSTbmx edit in HD. Photo and edit by KhaiFad.

And 1 video.

11 September 2009

Ride On My Rides

Let's start off with how do i get my bike on my bike.

As u can see the pictures below that my BMX is on my Motor bike.

How did i do it? Easy bro, just tie them up[LAUGH!!!].

It's easy for me to get from one place to another when i have my wheels with engine and my BMX at the same time.

As aging catch up, i get really lazy to cycle around to places. So having my Gilera is a good deal.

You guys might wanna think about the long run when age kicks u on your butt[LAUGH!!].

GILERA is the solution to stop all your burden.

Photo by Shah.

04 September 2009

TIme After Time.

Band: Saosin

Title: Time after time(cover).

When your falling apart not to worry your not alone, Every break down makes you a better person.

Every falls have its rising and every love has its pain.

Be grateful that you still have family and friends around you to love and help you to rise and keep on walking.

I didn't mean to hurt you nor hate you.

I just wanna get a life be happy have a future and make my family proud for all the wrongs I've done.


You know what? I dont feel like blogging anymore.

I feel like deleting this blog shit.

Should it do it?


ps. im not wasted ok.