27 February 2010

Should I Get Another?

I wanna get words written on my body and something really meaningful.

But what phase is best for me???

Im getting it soon. Something that fits for my lifestyle.

Renew My Roon Again???

Feels like i need a new look for my room.


09 February 2010

Shit & Sweet.

This Is Sweet

Boy: You know what?
Girl: What?
Boy: Next time i see you, don't wear that skirt again, it's too revealing
Girl: Why? I thought you loved that skirt
Boy: Next time, wear something that reaches to your ankles
Girl: Ok whatever
Boy: A dress that reaches to your ankles.. and wear long white gloves that reach to your elbows
Girl: What?
Boy: Trust me
Girl: What are you trying to do? Hide me from everyone?
Boy: Do up your hair as well real pretty
Girl: Are You listening to what i'm saying? You're so conservative, don't choke me like this... Are you kidding me?
Boy: I'm dead serious.
Girl: You know i dont like guys who boss me around
Boy: ... Wear a veil
Girl: ... what?
Boy: Wear this ring too
Girl: ....
Boy: Marry Me

04 February 2010


My 22 birthday with the Dude's.

Japar, Me, Rizal, & Ogy.

Papey, Rahman, Ogy, & Me.

Where have all of you guys disappear to?

It seems that people are just walking in and out of your life just like that, Due to girls matter or anything.

These are the dudes that i meet almost everyday in the past years but lately things has change. I'm not blaming anyone but i guess people do change for some reason.

Only a few out of the many friends will stick by your side no matter what.

Others are passerby.

Oh well. What makes them happy im happy for them.