17 December 2009

Just believe

Here's my short clip of during the filming of FAKIE INVADERS video.

check out the link.


Edit and Film Ariff J

15 December 2009

Fakie New Xtreme Design

Taufek great mind is on the loose.

Few days ago before we had our meeting on Sunday he came out with a fucking sick design for Fakie Xtreme.

Mind blowing as always.

Love u Taufek.

Your credit soon receive[LAUGH!!!].

Tee's will be out late January 2010. Limited edition stock only.


12/12/09 Zoukout 09 was fucking great!

Had lots of fun with my friends.

I was tripping before i even entered the main arena, But im all cool. Still standing and dancing my ass and check out girls and GAY pride dancing and touching all over(SICK AS FUCK).

So enjoi those pictures.

ps. More will be uploaded soon.

This is sooo random. Nabila was drunk and she wanna have this picture taken.

Im cute as always.

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08 December 2009

THANKS Heider!!!!

Sorry for the super late update. Im lazy that's all i have to say[LAUGH!!!].

So here's the pictures taken that nite, Heider's "Your standing on our streets"


The poster for the event.
The man Nazeer.
Ismail always wanna be in the picture.

All photo taken by Heider.
O bar is loving US!
Hussen, Ein, Danny boy & The fat drunken Bob!

Ismail is already wasted so girls just stay away from him when his drunk.

T and this BIG bobbies girl[LAUGH!!!!!!]

Wan kecik, Erny & Nerly.

Awwwww... I look adorable..

Nerly is chocking me.
Just US still standing and holding on.
SST & Heider.
Haslinda gile! SORRY![LAUGH!!!]
Boy cool Hussen & Curly B
BMX riders.

Two of my Favorite, Lovely, Cute, Sweet and many more girl. SAYANG korang!
XOXO! You know you love me!
Hask B and a girl.
Free beers!!!! THANKS to HOME.

Bedok boys.

Danny boy got new GF seh!!!![LAUGH!!!]