25 August 2010

Katy Perry.
One of the hottest chic around
& im definitely loving her style.

^its been a really really long time my friend.

23 August 2010

Each year during fasting month, I will only hunt for one thing
at the bazaar Ramadan.

from Dendeng House!!

They got the nicest & juciest dendeng that you can ever find.
I've been eating that every weekend.
and I think I need more before the fasting month ends.

19 August 2010


here are some cool facts about my name that describe me.

1)very sociable & interesting but is a loner at heart.he's a MR-KNOW-IT-ALL
or at least like to think he is.can make you laugh but easily irritate you.
he's like the little boy in grade school who likes to pull hair.

Sufian enjoys irking people!

2)crazy ass person that will bite you.

ouch,he's bitten me!

13 August 2010

My short video edit by Ariff.

Just several video of me that was edited & film by Ariff.

Credits to him for his good work.Good job bro!

As I am ageing,I decide that I will do more video for memory sake
& hope all you people out there enjoy watching it.CHEERS!