16 September 2010

hello kitty.

Just like the house theme,my cats are also black & white.
Now meet my two kittens.

His name is "KUMAR".
A stray cat with really thick fur.noisy & blacky.

This is "Tattoo",she's a ragdoll.
The name was given by my sister,
go ask her why if you guys are curious.


BLACK & WHITE is the theme for my house this Hari Raya.
Now you guys can come & visit me this Raya.
I'll served you some kuih & drinks BUT don't expect me to give any green packets.

Check out the pictures.

spot 'FAKIE' sign & i'll give a kiss.

Wall of Fame.be nice to me & your
picture might be up there too.

The house now look cleaner & neater thanks to me!