19 October 2009

R.I.P Bro.

I've knew him for years in the BMX scene.

A phoned call from Ariff just hours ago shocked me.

I cant believe that his gone.

I rush to SGH after that phone call from Ariff.

I was there 30 mins later and lots of BMX riders were already there.

So i walked towards the room where his body is place.

I cant believe my eyes what i just saw.

I look at him and say some prayers and close my eyes holding back my tears looking at him sleeping soundly.

I wasn't in the room for long because I'm about to break into tears looking at him.

I cant believe I've lost a friend again. Twice in a week.

Bro now the pain is gone u can rest in peace. Have a good life up there.

I'll always remember u.

R.I.P Farhan.
1 May 1983 - 18 Oct 2009
May you rest in peace. You will forever be remembered.
Al- Fatihah Amin.

ps. A really bad accident that have nothing to do with him being there. FUCK YOU DRIVERS! FUCK YOU!!!!

ps. If your reading this post dont mind take a min and pray for him. THANKS everyone.

16 October 2009

Make Damn Sure!

I'm gonna make damn sure that you can't ever leave
You won't ever get too far from me

You won't ever get too far from me

I'll make damn sure that you can't ever leave

you won't ever get too far from me

You won't ever get too far...

12 October 2009

HOME On Twitter


Im gonna let low on Blogging but ill still be around here.

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ADD ME UP BROs and Ladies!

07 October 2009

Brunch By The Park Pictures

Ready and uploaded.

Last weekend was hell lots of fun and not forgetting the sunburn(a really bad want).[LAUGH!].

Thanks everyone for the pictures.

It was a great weekend.


The SST bike store.
Curly B got ink.

The SSTbmx booth.

Listening to the band before riding.

It was fucking hot so im having my own wet t-shirt contest[LAUGH!!].
Chill like i always do.
I love Ariff tee's.
The SST big banner.

Steady bro!
Doin it hiphop style bro!

End of the day shoot.

SST young guns.
Taufek. Photo by Nazeer.
Feeza HOME Illy(They're my friends gf).
Fakie BMX riders and Taufek.
Fakie Bosses
Ismail FAT!

The 1st runner up.
Nizam & Hafiz.
Feeza & HOME.
Head banging bro!
Shamil on the mic![LAUGH!].

Ismail love my butt.
Getting ready to mosh!

HOME & Aqisha

The booth.

Ariff and lovely Radia. Miss her.
The Fakie banner. Photos by Luke.
Looking like a rockstar[LAUGH!!!].

Stupid i don't know what they call it.