30 July 2010

NYC Championship 2010 @ Somerset

NYC championship 2010 was great.

Smile on air.
Checking out some runs. Photo by Radical Studio.
Wan Small, Shamil Marley, Su Niq, Bolo Apit, Epul, & HOME.

She Wants The Safety When Im Riding.

My new riding helmet.

Im the type of rider who wouldnt even care about wearing helmet when i ride.

Years of riding i've fallen countless times and mostly i'll be landing flat face first when im doin big tricks. But since im getting older and aging, i guess safety is the first shit im goin to put on. Helmet gonna be my new bestfriend when riding in the skate parks.

Thanks love for caring for my safety when i dont need it[LAUGH!].

Pro Tec Bucky Lasek pro model(sky blue).

Got ink?

Hello fuck people & blog readers.
Check out the ink I have got on myself.
I'm definitely hook to this shit
the pain is not bearable even for a tough guy like me.
But still that won't stop me from getting more soon!
Passion for wheels & HOME are the lastest ones.

Ink and art sponsor by Ink by finch(http://www.joefinch.blogspot.com/). A total sick place to get your in done. 10/10 recommended by ME.

"HOME". Ink by Faz.
"Passion for wheels". Ink by Joe Finch.
Revolver. Ink by Rosman.