28 November 2009

King Of Rail & Gap SK8 Comp 09

Wishing all Fakie SK8 riders all the vary best!

Nazeer, Dde, and Epul, Good luck!

let the music hype you up!

Go blow the crowds wild!

and most of all ENJOI yourself!

19 November 2009

Im Working Out On My New Tumblr

Under construction.

Soon i'll be on Tumblr, but still working on it. Didn't have the time to get the layouts done...

See you! Have a fucking good day!

You're standing on our streets - Photo exhibition by Heider

This exhibition showcases the different sides of Singapore's street culture like skating and freestyle BMX. With a young and fresh scene out there, this exhibition exposes the cracks and hidden spaces of Singapore's everchanging street lifestyle.


An O BAR Photography Exhibition by HEIDER ISMAIL
Start Time:
Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 3:00pm
Unity Street
Singapore, Singapore

Bucket of 5 Carlsberg green at $35 all night!

Fakie crew and friends will be there. See you!!!

ps. If you want in just let me noe.

Till then ENJOI the fucking raining days.

11 November 2009


Obar party with the Fakie riders & Slac1.

Thanks to Slac1 from Fakie crew for the sweet invites.

Its always great fun partying with the Fakie riders.

So here's the pictures took that day.


Next party event


@ O BAR. Photography Exhibition by HEIDER ISMAIL.

See you there.

Oh yeah "FREE INVITES TOO. Text me up if u wanna tag along."

HOME Jufri & Epul.
With Heider

Fakie and the bedok boys.
True Fakie shit!

Slac1 art work.
Slac1 spraying the wall.
Ismail & Nerly.
This is Slac1.

Jufri Me & Girl.

The wall in Obar.

Loose grooves

I'm an instructor or a teacher(that's what the students call me.BIG JOKE!)

On Monday me and the people from Loose Grooves and some of the eastside BMX riders head down to Blangah Rise Primary School for some BMX lessons.

The P6 students had just finish their PSLE last week.So its time to enjoi the day and have fun.

Definitely a super cool experience teaching students how to ride a BMX bike and etc.

Never thought that teaching kids was that fun yet stressful[LAUGH!].

But it all comes out your smiles at the end of the day when kids learn new stuff and im teaching what i love doin in life.

The wolf pack.
Hask B.
They call me teacher and i feel soo odd about it.

Students learn how to ride BMX.

Teacher Nazeer.
They even learn how to dismantle the front rim.

The orientation for Xtreme sports.

The Loose Grooves and The P6 students.

Fakie PIMP Up Logo!

Its been a year for Fakie now.

Fakie first started of in November 2008 and released its first Tee's in April 2009.

Since then Fakie is doing good as a starter.

Then launching its official party in August 2009.

Fakie also appear in a few magazine like JUNK and REVOLUTION skate MAG.

Now Fakie is releasing their 3rd set of tee's in December 2009.

And Fakie came up with a new main logo.

Look out for Fakie website, launching soon.

Fakie new logo.

Crazy colors!

04 November 2009


Yeah sorry for not blogging for weeks.

Kinda not in the mood and like i said im on Twitter now.

So do drop by there for more of hot shit popping[LAUGH!].

Dont worry i still love you Blogger's for coming and checking my blog out.

Have a great day! ENJOI!